The Mourning

This is one of the (3) major paintings, aptly named ‘The Mourning’.  Readers familiar, may find the following interesting:

According to Henson, as he droned on behind her, his finger pointing out inconsistencies in dress and painting styles, these few paintings have never been seen, mostly due to the amount of damage they received during a monastery fire some 200 years ago, but also at the direct request of the current Queen.  (According to Henson there was some sort of shame or history regarding the young Monarch, history and gossip he knew little of, but would have liked to investigate.)  Two other portraits she was shown as well.  One of a castle, or some such similar structure, cast in shadow and situated alongside of a coastal line.  There were woods nearby, and in the fields, dancing stag and deer.  A shadowed figure seemed to haunt the battlements, gazing out over the field towards a lone figure seen to be reclining against a series of stones near the shore.  The figure, female in stature, seemed to be at loss, showing great sorrow, staring out over the waves and sea.  All in all, this painting seemed to express great grief to her, as if the figure in the painting had suffered a great loss and heart wrenching sorrow.

It was aptly titled, The Mourning.


Author: S.M.Muse

After meeting Frank Herbert, author of the acclaimed Dune Series, I decided the life of writing was for me. That was about 30 years ago, I've been writing ever since. Heir of Nostalgia is my first published novel, and thanks to the encouragement of my loving wife Janet, is the first in a series chronicling the trials and tribulations of young man in search of his family, his country as well as his place in the world. I am pleased to present it here, for your reading pleasure. I truly believe in the gift and wonder of reading, I hope you do as well. Here's to the land of wonder, an air of Nostalgia, and childhood memories. May we never grow too old to dream... Got a question, comment or review, I'd love to hear from you. Simply drop me a line at:

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