To Live

Want to know about the world, then go live in it.  Live with all that you have.  Live with purpose.  Live with determination.

Life is not simply a destination, a privilege to squander.  Life is about purpose, your purpose, why God put you here.  Life is a constant journey that never ends, even if our physical body does.  The mind goes on.  The soul continues.

An incredibly beautiful lady once asked me, “Why did God create us to love… to love so deeply, if only we are to die?”

Here’s how I answered her… “Know what I think… We were created to love, that is true.  God never created us to die though.  Our Maker put eternity in our hearts and minds, our ideas and dreams and hopes were meant to live forever.”

So yes, we were created to love, to love forever.  That is why we are here, to love.

That is our purpose.  Our reason for living.

I think the only time we truly die is when we quit loving one another.


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