Nostalgia on the map- 2013

Map showing Nostalgia

There has been a lot of interest, lately, in where and if the country of Nostalgia ever existed.  As proof, I offer this map which I downloaded off an internet webshot site, (like Wayback) sites that take images of the internet daily, and stores them on a server.  I also located some other information about Nostalgia, which I will be uploading in the near future.

As a reference, I also uploaded a current map- (below) As you may remember, something incredibly important happened in Central Park in Heir of Nostalgia- A Gathering Darkness, an event that somehow changed history, altering everything we know about our world, including, modifying our history books and memories.  (the map above was taken from Google Maps in early January of 2010.  Below is what this same location looks like today, as of February 2013… )

Feel free to post any questions or comments…

Map after events in Heir


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