October Surprise!

It’s free… that’s right, you heard me.  Discovered this morning that ‘A Gathering Darkness‘, the first book in the Valerian Cycle is being offered in eBook edition, for FREE! from the folks at Amazon.

That’s $0.00 folks- it don’t get much better than this.  Better grab what you can before this deal ends!  (Also, I’d like to see just how many downloads the book can get, so please pass this along.  And BTW, you heard it here first, Book 3- the final chapter in the Valerian Cycle is nearly finished… and you won’t believe how it ends!)

Gathering Darkness Cover



Author: S.M.Muse

After meeting Frank Herbert, author of the acclaimed Dune Series, I decided the life of writing was for me. That was about 30 years ago, I've been writing ever since. Heir of Nostalgia is my first published novel, and thanks to the encouragement of my loving wife Janet, is the first in a series chronicling the trials and tribulations of young man in search of his family, his country as well as his place in the world. I am pleased to present it here, for your reading pleasure. I truly believe in the gift and wonder of reading, I hope you do as well. Here's to the land of wonder, an air of Nostalgia, and childhood memories. May we never grow too old to dream... Got a question, comment or review, I'd love to hear from you. Simply drop me a line at: heirofnostalgia@gmail.com

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