A Gathering Darkness- Valerian Cycle Book One

Two years ago Phillip came to New York to find his father.  Since then he’s been living on the streets, surviving hand to mouth, and constantly looking over his shoulder.  Danger exists everywhere, around every street corner, lurking down every dark alley.  Why?  Because he’s not the only one looking.

This is what happens when you are exiled.  This is what happens when everything you’ve ever loved or known is taken from you, and all that is left is vengeance.

In Phillip’s words- “This is me trying to save everything, find my father, bring him home, reclaim our families throne, and hunt down the person, or persons, responsible- starting with the man with ‘silver-singing spurs’ known as the Black Magister.”

A Gathering Darkness, Book One of the Valerian Cycle, is a Contemporary Urban Fantasy set in today’s world about a kingdom that once was, and still struggles to be.  About a young man coming of age.  And a place where every day magic still exists, and all-too evil stalks the streets.

To start your adventure today, CLICK HERE!  And don’t forget, Book Two- Kaelynn’s Tale is located HERE!

Gathering Darkness Cover


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