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Frightful signs in the heavens and on earth…

In the night sky a strange new comet burns, while in the midst of Vatican City an ancient Bay tree, having blossomed faithfully for the last five hundred years, begins to lose its silvered leaves.  Meanwhile, in the Big Apple, frightful whispers in the streets, a murder of crows… ominous signs as a new ‘fear’ begins to spread, of strange men and even stranger forces on the prowl-

Over four hundred years ago history was forever changed by a single event, the disappearance of a king and his heir. On November 17th, just weeks shy of Christmas, history would be changed again, this time by a thirteen year old kid living on the streets of New York, desperate to find his father and right a five hundred year old wrong.

‘A Gathering Darkness’ is the exciting first book in the Valerian Series, a contemporary urban fantasy where 16th and 21st centuries collide.  What comes after will change everything!


Heir of Nostalgia presents
Italian Translation now Available!

Gathering Darkness Cover

Revised 2017- A Gathering Darkness

It begins with a boy searching for his father, a father missing these last two and a half years.  It continues with a man living his life one day at a time about to marry his best friend and the love of his life.  Somewhere along the line the two meet, this boy and this man; what they discover about each other, and who they really are, will change everything.

Meanwhile, forces are gathering, marshaling their strength as agents creep the streets of modern day New York in search of royalty- royalty banished some 400 years prior –to put an end to their royal line once and for all.

Darkness is on the move, and with the royal line gone, nothing can stop them from reaching their goal, the eradication of an entire nation gone these last 350 years.

Portents light the night sky, the Royal Bay has begun to shed its leaves foretelling doom and the death of a King.

Can a fallen angel, a thirteen year old man/child, and an exiled King with no memory of who he is or was, hold off the terrible forces about to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world?

Only time will tell.

Heir of Nostalgia- Update

Another bit of good news, not only is A Gathering Darkness -Book One of the Valerian Cycle- being translated into Italian (Book Release scheduled for May 2017) but now another development- A Gathering Darkness is also being translated into Spanish (and is also slated for a 2017 release.)

Awesome news- it’s like Christmas come early!  Will keep everyone posted as events continue to unfold…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words- let’s see if that’s true.


Once again- it appears Phillip and the gang are going international.  At this rate he better be getting his Passport…Very cool if you ask me.




Loose ends- and a Contest!


Couple of things- First of all, thank you for taking the opportunity to download A Gathering Darkness, Book One of the Valerian Saga.  If you love the idea of modern day adventure mixed with just a touch of magic and mystery, then this book is for you.  BUT did you know, Book Two is out as well- Kaelynn’s Tale.  And to make the adventure complete- Book Three is nearly finished and should be out in January 2017.


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Q&A Tag- My Turn too…

A good writing friend of mine posted this on his Blog site The Writing Fisherman: Jason A. Meuschke, thank you for the opportunity to chime in…

One Response to Q&A Tag, My Turn

  1. S.M.Muse says:

    Thanks Jason, for this opportunity…

    1. Cookies or Cake? (your choice of flavors)

    Cake… let them all eat cake! And really there is no other choice- chocolate, of course!

    2. You’re able to visit with any one person in history for the next 2 hours. Who is it, and why?

    I’d like to visit with Phillip- you know, the one that’s in Acts who got ‘volunteered’ to speak to the Eunuch. I’d like to know how it felt to be a part of such a bigger plan, to do that one small part- and never realize your story would be told for generations. Also, I’d like to know what it feels like to be ‘swept’ up by the Spirit and carried off to someplace else… yea, flying… it’s gotta rock. (Read the story yourself: Acts 8:26-40)

    3. If it could be anywhere you wished, name your ideal writing spot, and your least ideal
    Ideal- outside under a tree, 72 degrees, gentle breeze tickling the tree overhead, the smell of rain in the distance, the horizon darkening just before a Spring storm… the least ideal, where I’m at right now, at work taking a break.

    4. Name your dream job or, in case you’re doing it, name the one job you’d always like to try.

    The best job I ever had was working for a greenhouse in Clinton MO oh so many years ago… outside, no one hanging around, just me with my hands in the dirt and the sounds of nature singing all around.

    5. You just became the last animal you read, or wrote, about. What are you and are you now in danger?

    Something I last wrote, large pre-historic cats in Africa. I’m putting the finishing touches on my last book in the Valerian Cycle- and for some reason my ‘tribe’ is back in history. And yes, I’m in trouble, because I know the tasks that lie before them.

    6. Ebook or physical book?

    I fell in love with physical books, but all I read now are ebooks…

    7. You wake up and find yourself in a remote area of the most recent book you read/are reading. Beside you is the one tool you’re happy is with you. Where are you and what is that tool?

    Right now I’m up to my ‘eyebrows’ in Alex Bledsoe’s Tufa books, the tuatha de danann in modern day America- as the author states, they were here long before the Native Americans, and long before the ‘white man’ came over the Appalachians. Their favorite tool is music, it binds them, lifts them and dances them on the night winds, so I’d have to say some sort of musical instrument. In my case, an old AM/FM radio ‘cause I have no musical talent whatsoever… ‘

    8. Can you change a tire on your vehicle?

    Yes… not a fan though.

    9. Your next story/blog post is guaranteed to be a massive success that will change your life forever. As often happens,success comes with a cost. What will your newfound success cause you to lose?

    The opportunity to write as the muse moves me. With success comes deadlines and responsibilities. As with all professions becoming professional- I think those finding such success can so easily lose what caused them to strive forward to begin with. I write because I like to read…

    10. List three things about yourself that you haven’t told your readers before now.

    I began writing at the crazy young age of 12.

    If I had my way I’d find a beach and a chair and lay out under the sky for like, hours… nothing beats a good surf crashing into sand.

    I’m most proud of my wife and family… God has truly blessed me.